Reality Management Self Help Forgiveness Software

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Reality Management Self Help Forgiveness Software

Based upon the

Reality Management Worksheet
Written 7 Step PDF Version

Empowering True Forgiveness

My reality:the perceptual output of my mind.

Forgiveness:the tool for changing my reality.

If they are the one with the problem, why am I the one with the pain?!

Premise: Our essential nature, as human beings, is love (think newborn). The work of healing is to remove anything that is unlike our essential nature so that we come back to the experience of love 24/7!



CBM - carbon based memory:The source of all hostility/fear. A cumulative generational data bank from the past.

Hostility and fear:toxic energies that draw us away from our True Nature. Their presence is always an indicator of false realities because they are infallible indicators that there is corrupt data at the root of the mind's output.

True Forgiveness - Shbag:Traditionally translated as forgive, actually means "to cancel" in Aramaic.

Rookha d'Koodsha:Translated by some as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, but, in Aramaic, there is nothing to even imply a disembodied spirit being. It translates as a feminine, elemental force in humans that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches us truth. A force for that which is proper for humans, the denial of which leaves us in unforgiveness (- not unforgivable!). The "SuperProcessor."

The Rose and the Butterfly:Once there was a rose and a butterfly. They meet, fall in love and have a wonderful time together. Then one day the butterfly flies away. Because the rose thinks there is nothing more important than the love of the butterfly it uproots itself to give chase. What is going to happen to the rose? It dies! Why does it die? Because it made something else more important than staying connected to its source. Any time that we make anything else more important than staying connected to our source (our being, Love) then we initiate our own death!

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