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MP4 Video/MP3 Audio Conversion Fund Raiser - $10,000 Goal

The Mission
This Spiritual work belongs to the Creator. We offer travel workshops free and in order to support our continued work ask a minimal exchange for intensives, CD's, DVDs and other products and services. Our mission is the healing of ourselves, each other and the planet. Everything we offer and do is dedicated as our contribution toward that purpose. We live a consciously moderate and purposeful lifestyle and everything else goes into this work and the next project.

The Present Challenge
We are in the process of creating a Members' Website where one can make monthly contributions and in return (based upon the monthly donation) receive streaming of a specified number of videos and audios.

The challenge is that our current videos are a different format than what is required for the upload / streaming and replication of the videos. After much attempt to do the conversions ourselves we realize the task is too great and we must hire the job done. The Members' Website cannot properly function until this task is complete.

We have received a bid to convert all 16 of our current DVDs and 7 CDs from the old formating to the new and we also need to prepare and replicate the newest 10 hours of DVDs (new 4 hr Why Again, 4 hr Aramaicisms, 2 hour What is the World?). This fundraiser is to raise the money neccessary to complete this and other HeartLand projects. Since we have basically "sat still" this winter to complete the editing of our new DVDs, the rewrite of Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!, upgrade the WHYAGAIN.ORG website and other writing and Social Media projects, our cashflow has been drastically reduced. Our 2016 summer season has been impacted as well, we just rescheduled so we are only doing HeartLand from August 1st to September 13th this year thus even further reducing our cashflow.

The Plan
The process as explained by the editor is that each video will be expanded to cover a wide format screen. They will compress the files to keep the load time shorter. They will have to load the audio twice, once like the original, gate the noise and reload to clear the background. Then they will load all the audio and video on a hard drive to store the content. They will load on a back up hard drive as well for safe keeping should something happen to the first (cancel the thought). They estimate over 100 hours will be required to complete this job. They do have a tech who can start when we come up with the funds to move forward.

The results that will come from this project:

1) we will be able to upload the newly formatted videos and audios to the new Members' Site for more perfect streaming and be able to go LIVE with the new site.

2) we will have two 1-terabyte hard-drives to store our masters.

3) they will produce new DVD/CD masters for duplication or new glass masters for replication.

4) we will reproduce the products we sell in a better quality than we have ever had in the past.

5) we will republish, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! in a completely rewritten form.

They have given us a highly discounted rate to complete the conversion of the DVDs and CDs and we have to make payment in advance to get that rate. We have known this gentleman and worked with his company for the past thirty years. He actually said he would not tackle this job except that it is for michael and the "Why" work which has impacted he and his family greatly over the years. He guarantees the result we get will be more than satisfactory.

All of the funds raised will be dedicated to taking this work to every mind, heart and Being on the planet.

How Can You Help?
Please join in empowering us through your LOVE and donations to raise the needed funds!

If you are a friend of this work, and have benefited from it and wish to give a gift to support us in this project then the best way is to make a PayPal payment by signing into PayPal and clicking on "send money to friends and family" (there are zero fees taken from the funds this way) then enter the email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - this is our HeartLand account and thereby will keep the monies separated for these projects.

Or, below is the regular donation button where you are given the option to use a credit card as well.

Please spread the word, too. The more contributions we get, the sooner this project can be completed.

Our Thank You
When the Member Site is up it will have three paid levels:

  • $15/month - 3 video streams per month
  • $25/month - 7 video streams per month
  • $50/month - unlimited video/audio streams per month

If you donate the total annual amount of $180, $300 or $600 then once the website is operational you will be receive an extra 12 months FREE! 24 instead of a 12 months membership at the corresponding level.

Every donation will be appreciated and every person's name will be entered once into a drawing for

1st Prize: a free 9-day Why Again Intensive at HeartLand

2nd Prize: a full set of 18 DVDs (includes all the new ones coming out!)

The drawing will take place at the completion of the Fund Raiser, when we have reached the goal. We will do the drawing LIVE on the radio show and post the name of the two winners on our site.

Project Status
You can check back here for updates on this project! We value and appreciate each and every one of you who support us, Heartland and the Aramaic process of Forgiveness.


May 4, 2016 - We have just begun. Sample edit: